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First-Time Condo Buyer May 22, 2016 All investment and financial counsellors will agree that the best form of investment is real estate. Compared to the stock market and other forms of investments, real estate is a safe haven for growth. Over a ten year span, statistics show a great rate of return over the capital invested. We all need shelter. The decision to […] Read More
5 Reasons Why Toronto is the Best City in the World November 29, 2015 "It's been a pretty amazing month for Toronto! We're hot off the end of the all-around successful Pan Am Games, we've got a beloved new sign in Nathan Phillips Square, and we're getting tons of international attention for being all-around amazing. Canada recently regained our (rightful) top spot as having the world's best reputation, from our welcoming […] Read More
How Toronto Has Benefitted From Immigration October 21, 2015 Many immigrants are choosing Toronto as their new home. Toronto offers immigrants the best quality of life in the world. International surveys continually rank Toronto as the best place to live. The Greater Toronto Area has approximately 100,000 immigrants per year. From the time immigration into Canada began in the 17th century, newcomers have helped build the country and have […] Read More
Toronto fourth most livable city in world: Economist Intelligence Unit September 1, 2013 The list of the world’s most livable cities is compiled annually by the Intelligence Unit of the business and political weekly magazine The Economist. Three of the top 10 most livable cities in the world are Canadian. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are third, fourth and fifth. That’s also where they stood last year. Both Toronto and Vancouver […] Read More
Toronto Now the Fourth-Largest City in North America March 8, 2013 Toronto has surpassed Chicago as the 4th largest city in North America. Only New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City are more populated. It’s no surprise that Toronto’s housing market is so strong, due to the one hundred thousand people coming to the GTA every year. Sunny Dhillon, a reporter for The Globe and Mail, published the […] Read More
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