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First-Time Condo Buyer

All investment and financial counsellors will agree that the best form of investment is real estate.

Compared to the stock market and other forms of investments, real estate is a safe haven for growth. Over a ten year span, statistics show a great rate of return over the capital invested.

We all need shelter. The decision to buy a property will be one of the most important endeavours someone will undertake.

Initially, a first-time buyer will seek advice as to what’s available and the market’s condition in the area of their choice. Next, they will seek different opinions from family and friends before starting to have a clearer idea of what it entails in terms of personal affordability. Frequently they will search the internet to get a better understanding of location and availability. Ultimately, a first-time buyer will need to hire a seasoned real estate agent that specializes in the Toronto condo market (such as myself), to guide them through the process of purchasing their first home.

The most expensive item to acquire during a lifetime is the purchase of real estate. There is a certain pride when showing off your new home to family and friends. At this moment all the steps that were undertaken to reach that goal — i.e. the research, the comparisons, the hesitations — are forgotten.

Acquiring a new home presents us with a beautiful expression of pride and joy which can be further quantified by sharing it with all those around us.

To all first-time buyers I say be courageous and do not hesitate to buy your first condo, where you will call home and build equity for your next property.


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