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Government Announces Further Tightening of Mortgage Regulations

The Federal Finance Minister announced further changes to Canada’s mortgage rules.  Four measures were announced:

1. Amortizations reduced to 25 years 2. Refinancing limited to 80% 3. Properties purchased at over $1 million no longer eligible for mortgage insurance 4. GDS and TDS set at 39% and 44%

CAAMP believes that Canadians understand the importance of paying down their mortgages.  These changes, together with new OSFI underwriting guidelines – also to be announced today -may precipitate the housing market downturn the government so desperately wants to avoid.  The changes take effect July 9, 2012.

CAAMP was pleased that it was again successful in ensuring the 5% down payment rule remains intact; however, the government may have overreached with this latest round of changes.

To review the Globe and Mail article click here To review the government press release and backgrounders click here To contact Minister Flaherty or your local MP click here


Source: Jim Murphy, AMP,President and CEO CAAMP


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