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Pan Am Village Goes From Dorms To Condos

"Come next April, some 2,000 people will start moving into what, just this summer, was the Pan Am Games athletes’ village. Soon, the neighbourhood will be better known as the Canary District. Retailers will take over, sparking new storefronts next January.

Right now, workers are in the process of turning the bare-bones condos, which each housed up to five athletes and bunk beds, into homes for folks who bought them in the pre-construction phase as far back as 2012.

About 135 units are still for sale, some of them two storey, 1,300-square-foot townhome units.

The hallway carpets that were walked on by athletes and officials from 41 countries are now being ripped out and replaced. Tile and trim is being installed in public areas that up until now have been largely just covered in drywall.

Condo kitchens are due to start arriving soon."

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Source:  Metro News


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