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Rush to Beat the HST

The long predicted rush to beat the HST seems to be in full effect. Developers who have nearly finished buildings are rushing to get their remaining inventory over $400K sold and closed (building registered) before June 30th. If they do not, they will either have to absorb a MASSIVE hit from the inclusion of the 8% extra HST, or they will have to raise prices on all units significantly.

On the resale side, buyers and sellers alike are trying to get their closings in before June 30th even though the impact will not be nearly as great as on the new build side. Let’s just say that all the real estate lawyers in the city will be very busy the last week of June and completely bored the first week of July.

Here’s what the actual impact of the HST will look like for both buyers and sellers of a typical $400K transaction:

For Sellers, closing before July 1st will save you 8% on your real estate fees (assuming fees at 5%, that’s $1600). Legal fees on a typical sale will be about $1000 (HST would be $80 extra here).

For Buyers, closing before July 1st will save you 8% on your legal fees (assuming fees at $1500, that’s $120).

Other miscellaneous expenses to think about that will cost more come July 1st include home inspections and moving expenses.

Tip For Buyers: If you are buying a condo, check the status certificate to ensure that the budget includes an accounting for the HST and the impact it will have on the services the condo uses regularly. If the condo board has not planned for the increase, this is not a good sign. As far as rebates go, all new-home buyers will now qualify for the PST rebate on the first $400,000 of the purchase price, regardless of the final cost.

If you are still confused about HST, you can read this HST Article from


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