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Why You Should Consider a Building with a Concierge

When choosing a condo, many people consider having a concierge a luxury. However, there are many benefits to having a concierge in the building where you choose to live that might be worth the additional cost.

Security is the number one advantage of having a concierge in your building. The concierge sees who is coming and going from your building twenty-four hours a day. They become part of the buildings security and can be instrumental in limiting access to your building.

Unwanted visitors are unlikely in a building with a concierge. Since a concierge generally announces the arrival of any and all visitors, you can decide whether you want to allow a visitor up to your suite.

Another advantage is that there is also someone home to accept packages and deliveries. If you are expecting a delivery of a new appliance or a package of something you ordered online, your concierge will always be available to accept your deliveries so you do not have to leave work to meet someone or spend time chasing down your package at the post office.

Some feel that the presence of a concierge actually is an invasion of privacy. Since a concierge is always there, they become familiar with your routine and your visitors. But this can also be a benefit since the concierge will be able to check on you if he feels something is wrong.

Though all buildings have different rules about what the concierge can and cannot do, most buildings allow the concierge to help with many daily tasks. Therefore, if you need a taxi called, a delivery driver met, or your luggage loaded into your car, your concierge can help you with these tasks, which can be a help to you.

It is important to note that condos that have a concierge are usually more costly to live in. There is a higher maintenance fee each month to have a concierge present in the building. However, buildings that employ a concierge also have a higher resale value and are considered a more safe and secure place to live. This can be a wonderful advantage when it comes time to sell your condominium.

A concierge does far more than just sit in the lobby. In the end, it is a personal preference as to whether you want to live in a condo with a concierge. Consider the above facts before deciding which choice is best for you.

Casey Ragan