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Interest Rate Announcement: Steady As She Goes, Until “Downward Momentum is Sustained” April 11, 2024 Bank of Canada Holds Interest Rate at 5% The Bank of Canada has held its benchmark interest rate at 5%, marking the sixth consecutive pause after a tightening campaign in 2023 to cool high inflation. It appears to be working, with the inflation rate easing back to 2.8 per cent in February. Price pressures have eased across […] Read More
Interest Rate Hikes Off The Table With Weak Q2 GDP Growth In Canada September 5, 2023 Here is some positive news in the mortgage world that will be well received (especially for the variable rate mortgage holders). Rate Hikes Are Definitely Off The Table The Canadian economy weakened surprisingly more in the second quarter than the market and the Bank of Canada expected. Real GDP edged downward by a 0.2% annual […] Read More
The Difference Between Being Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved February 3, 2023 Purchasing a condo or loft can be confusing with all the different terms and requirements. Two steps involved in the mortgage process are pre-qualification and pre-approval. But what’s the difference between being pre-qualified and pre-approved? Prospective buyers should consider getting pre-qualification at the onset of their home-buying process. It allows them to consider their budget […] Read More
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