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The Art of Compromise: Home Decor Edition March 22, 2021 Home Sweet Home…or is it? You’ve just moved in with your significant other and couldn’t be more excited; however your new home isn’t exactly boasting the ideal look and feel you were hoping for. You’ve been inspired by sites like Pinterest, and you have an idea of the overall theme/look you’re going for, what pictures to […] Read More
A 3-Step Downsizing Plan November 1, 2020 When it’s time to move to a condo or loft, these tips will help you save the memories while minimizing clutter in your new place. Moving into a new condo or loft is often bittersweet. You are excited for the change, but sad to leave a home so full of memories. Downsizing can be even […] Read More
Do Staged Units Sell Faster? July 19, 2020 For most Toronto condo or loft sellers, the goal is to sell their unit for the highest possible price and in the shortest amount of time. Two ways to achieve this is with the right asking price, and by staging the unit. So, do staged units really sell faster, and for a higher price? The short […] Read More
How Do You Win a Bidding War? July 13, 2020 Up until mid-March 2020, Toronto real estate was on track for a busy spring market. As the pandemic hit and social distancing measures took effect, the resulting business closures and greater economic uncertainty lead to a dramatic (albeit temporary) downturn for home sales across the country and around the world. Interestingly, Toronto’s decline in transactions […] Read More
5 Ways to Make Your Home Office Work May 8, 2020 With social distancing mandates in effect, many people working in industries deemed “non-essential” are doing their work from home. And while the constant stream of COVID-19 news, in addition to caretaking or homeschooling responsibilities, can make it hard to stay focused on work, modifying your space can help. An organized and visually appealing work area […] Read More
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