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Pre-Construction Condos: Should You Use a Realtor? August 1, 2016 Should you use a realtor when buying a new pre-construction condo? The answer for this is a definite YES. I specialize in helping buyers navigate through the complicated process of buying new condos. There are many pitfalls and disadvantages of buyers going it alone when dealing with the builders’ sales staff. Above all else, realize that the builder’s […] Read More
How to Jazz Up Your Condo for Sale August 30, 2015 It’s that time. You have decided you are ready to sell your condo, and make a change to a new place. How can you make yours standout to potential buyers? When listing your condo for sale there are many simple tasks that can increase its value, and attract as many showings as possible. Your goal is to have your […] Read More
Who is in Charge, the Condo Board or the Property Manager? January 30, 2015 "The Condominium Act of Ontario clearly states that the board of directors shall manage the affairs of the corporation. The manager’s job is to complete all the duties set out in the management contract. There is no standard contract, as each corporation requires different duties according to size and type of property. Under no circumstances […] Read More
Condo Buyers Should Always Review the Status Certificate January 26, 2015 "Condo ownership has some unique characteristics you should know about before you start your search. And, unlike a house, condos usually have rules restricting the size and types of pets, noise, balcony/patio furniture, decorations and even drapes or flooring material. Find out what’s allowed and what’s not, and be comfortable with those rules when considering […] Read More
Does it Make More Financial Sense to Own a Condo or Rent an Apartment? January 13, 2015 "For many people, it is more advantageous to own rather than rent property. Over time, the value of property appreciates, and equity in the property increases as monthly mortgage payments gradually reduce the principal amount of the mortgage. Renters, in contrast, pay a set monthly amount to the owner for use of the space. Instead […] Read More
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