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Condo Design Myths Debunked October 13, 2015 "Myth 1: You’ll have to stop having dinner parties. So many of my clients presume they’ll have to resign themselves to only inviting one couple over at a time to huddle around a version of the tiny chrome and glass dining they saw in the model suite. It’s just not true. We may need to […] Read More
How to Jazz Up Your Condo for Sale August 30, 2015 It’s that time. You have decided you are ready to sell your condo, and make a change to a new place. How can you make yours standout to potential buyers? When listing your condo for sale there are many simple tasks that can increase its value, and attract as many showings as possible. Your goal is to have your […] Read More
5 Tips for Maximizing the Square Footage of Your Condo December 2, 2014 When buying a smaller condo your space is limited. It can be definitely worth it, because of all the amenities in the building and within walking distance. Condos are conveniently located in urban areas that make the lifestyle very enjoyable. Most people think that living in a smaller place is difficult, but that’s just not the case. Furniture designers and interior designers have […] Read More
Furniture Ideas For Your Toronto Condo April 1, 2012 If you are moving into a condo, already living in a condo, or just thinking about a condo purchase, you may be wondering where you can find the appropriate furnishings. When it comes to condos, staying on the cutting edge of decor and style is important. The perception of what is current and in style can change […] Read More
Decorating Basics October 11, 2011 Some Rules You Don’t Want to Break Some rules we were never taught. When it comes to home décor, there are decorating basics that many of us are not aware of. How high do you hang artwork on the wall and what about the new plasma TVs? How big a sofa should you purchase? Should […] Read More
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